Our Story

Experience has been the key to our success in the industry and particularly this location as our combined experience exceeds Seventy years. Seventy years includes owning multiple locations and building this location from scratch in 2004. We have also worked briefly for others, my wife as manager of a Professional Dry Cleaning location and myself as General Manager for the local equipment distributor of Electrolux/Wascomat which is the largest manufacturer of laundry equipment in the world.

Customer Service is now and always has been top priority for us and has propelled this location forward to meet and exceed our goals even though the economy has gone through “The Great Recession” as it is called which provided many challenges to meeting those goals.

My dad, who taught me the business once said, “If you want to know where you will be in five years, look back five years and if your happy with those results just keep doing what you've been doing.” Good advise from someone who was successful at everything he ever did.